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Tim Schley started Schley Buildings over 29 years ago with his son Nick. Nick has worked with Tim since he was 6 years old and has now started his own business (Schley Steel Roofing). Nick still works closely with Tim daily. When asked Tim’s view of Nick, Tim replied, "It is the preciseness and excellence of Nick's work over the years that has helped the company grow to where it is today”. Tim & Nick are proud of the buildings they have built. They also know they didn't do it alone. The dedication, commitment, pride, and hard work that the crews have put into each building is the foundation of the quality Schley Buildings promises every customer. They are confident in their commitment to quality, workmanship and excellence because they know and work with the crews every day.

The only limitation on what Schley Buildings can create for you is your imagination. The possibilities are endless. If you can think it, we can build it. Schley Buildings works with the best companies out there, companies with the highest standard of quality. We know that you get what you pay for and we are committed to giving you the best value. Schley Buildings stands by our work and our products, and we stand by our customers – always.

Tim has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Final payment for the building is not collected until the building is 100% complete, the jobsite is 100% clean, and you are 100% satisfied. This may sound a little unbelievable but Tim feels that the best way to build your business is by having 100% satisfied Customers. We all know that good news travels 10 times slower than bad news so we want to please EVERY Customer.

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