Building in the Winter

One thing all Wisconsinites know is that the weather doesn’t grant favors. This is especially true when it comes to the winter. With plummeting temperatures and accumulating snow becoming a commonality every winter season, it can become difficult to find anyone going out of their way to complete projects in the brutal conditions. The problem then becomes two fold when the need for a post-frame structure increases exponentially as harsh conditions threaten your assets. So the question then becomes who you can find to build your post-frame structure during these trying times.

Winter building? We do it!

We’re happy you asked! Schley Buildings prides itself on satisfying your entire pole building needs including commercial, residential, agricultural, equine, and hobby…in all weather conditions. We know that sometimes the need for a post-frame structure presents itself when you’re least expecting, and when that moment comes, you need that structure ASAP. For this reason we have taken extra care to ensure our crews are prepared to fulfill projects in all conditions, including winter weather. 

Usability year round

But Schley Buildings also believes your post-frame structure investment should be enjoyed year round. To ensure maximum usability and comfort, we also are able to add heating units to any post-frame structure; however, we recommend the building have an insulated concrete floor, properly insulated walls/ceiling, and vented soffit overhang. Heat units operate the same as common household systems, giving you complete control of temperature settings and adjustments.

Get it built right, any time of year

By using glued-laminated columns instead of poles, top quality steel, and the best doors and windows available at a fair price, Schley buildings provides quality that lives up to expectations. In over 29 years of operation, we’ve never had a building fall! Your winter post-frame building needs are our specialty.

Thank you for the nice job. B&H Footwear
Thank you for the great job! Carl & Sandee Lemmer