We hate to brag but...

Another Satisfied Customer

This is a recent letter we received from one of our Satisfied Customers and wanted to share with you. 

I am writing this letter because of the service I had with Tim and Ronda. Tim came out to my site about a year ago and went over all my needs and concerns and options, and one of which was Condenstop roof panels which I loved this winter as I had no water drips from the ceiling on to my 8 snowmobiles and 2 boats.  The craftsmanship is second to none, and the building site was always cleaned up after their day was done. I have yet to find a single nail or screw on the site. My neighbor Bob Thompson had Tim and his crew build his building as well and that's how I got a first hand look at the quality of the joints, seams, and panels. I don't write letters ever so I hope this testimonial will be posted for others to see. I had bids from 3 other big building companies and they all wanted to charge me a dumpster fee and other nonsense which made me question who was the builder and who was the owner. My 30' x 45' building is serving me well and will be referring Schley Buildings to whomever  I cross. I appreciate the professional conduct by Ronda, who took care of my stupid questions about weathervanes for Cupolas, and Tim and his guys caring about the building that they erected on my site start to finish. Never fall in love with something that can't love you back, but this building is awesome!!!!!! If anyone wants to look at my building, send them over Tim".    Steve Frankwitz

Thank you for the nice job. B&H Footwear
Thank you for the great job! Carl & Sandee Lemmer