Suburban Shelters

Often times home owners will find themselves needing additional space for work shop hobbies or outdoor maintenance tools. This need for capable, efficient, and affordable extra space has made post-frame architecture the go to solution for personal shops and garages. These heated shops or non-heated garages are built near the home to provide easy access year round.  We work with home owners to ensure structures compliment the landscape, comply with ordinances, and provide an effective solution for your needs.

Utilizing the post-frame architecture, all Schley buildings are comprised of a wood frame structure with steel roofing and walls. This design is highly customizable, being able to incorporate additional options including, but not limited to: concrete, Soffit, windows, Eave-lite, and Wainscoting. Each building can be custom designed and built by Schley Buildings, or we also offer Do-It-Yourself packages including: Drawings, Floor Plan, Material Sheets, and a General How-To Guide.

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