Design Your Building

Schley Buildings starts the relationship with you by offering a quote that is custom built to your specific needs, at no charge, and before the sale of anything. This quote can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a month depending on your needs and options. Tim feels that this personal service and commitment to you, even before a sale, is the key to building a long trusting relationship. Schley Buildings composes hundreds of quotes a year and all are free of charge, no matter how long it takes to complete. The commitment to this type of research in the quote stage guarantees that you are getting the absolute best building for the absolute best price. We don’t care to do a “rough estimate”, we believe that whether we sell you a building or not, it is worth our time and effort to be sure we are giving a fair and accurate price. Your Quote process will be efficient and simple, and you will be speaking with the same 2 people thru the entire process.


We want you to feel 100% positive about your color choices. That is why we have design a custom tool known as a "color selector". Feel free to click on the "Continue" button below to mix and match the colors we offer to your custom desires.


Color Selection

Schley Buildings offers you a wide variety of colors to ensure your building has the overall appearance you are looking for. Color choices are shown below for the following components of your building: Roof, Walls, Trim, Wainscoating, Soffit, & Cupolas.

Overhead Doors, Service (walk) Doors, and Windows have limited color choices.

  **Please ask for actual samples before making your final color choices**

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