Schley Quality

Schley Buildings has been serving Wisconsin for more than 31 years with quality materials, superb service and continuous commitment long after project completion. Every Schley building is custom designed to fit your needs. At Schley Buildings our motto is quality, but we don't just talk quality, our work proves it. From the materials, craftsmanship, design, and assistance through each step of the process, all are vital components to a successful project completion. Respect for the project and the property we build it on means the job-site is always maintained to the highest of standards. We believe we are guests on your property and we will treat it with the utmost respect. This is just another aspect of our service that inspires many of our past customers to become repeat clients.

Schley Buildings takes pride in the material we provide for a building, we know our name is represented by every building that has been built by us. Tim is always researching new products and looking for different suppliers to assure that you are not only getting the highest quality product but are paying the best price for that product. This philosophy carries over with all the materials used in erecting a Post Frame Structure, from the concrete pads in the ground to the Cupola’s on the top of the roof. Offering the best building for the best price takes a lot of research and Tim is more than eager to invest that time for you.

When you choose to have Schley Buildings construct your project you are choosing the best of the best to erect the structure for you. Every worker on the crew takes pride in their work and understands how important is to you that your building be the best with no defects. The crew members also understand they are visitors on your property and will respect it as if it were their own. You will NEVER find screws, nails or any other dangerous debris laying on the ground to be run over, have pets get tangled in, or worse yet have one of your children or grandchildren injure themselves. The jobsite is kept clean at all times, not just at the end of the day or the end of the job.

Schley Buildings has a 'Common Sense' approach to service and repair. We expect the workmanship to last as long as the materials, so no time limitation for repairs and service, and more important, no fine print so no need for a magnifying glass. If it is broken, whether intentional, accidental, or simply worn, we will fix it. We built this business on the ethics of a small town, where a handshake and your word is a promise.

Thank you for the nice job. B&H Footwear
Thank you for the great job! Carl & Sandee Lemmer